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Drawing shapes on an image

Imagine also provides a fully-featured drawing API, inspired by Python’s PIL. To use the api, you need to get a drawer instance from you current image instance, using ImageInterface::draw() method.


$palette = new Imagine\Image\Palette\RGB();

$image = $imagine->create(new Box(400, 300), $palette->color('#000'));

    ->ellipse(new Point(200, 150), new Box(300, 225), $image->palette()->color('fff'));


The above example would draw an ellipse on a black 400x300px image, of white color. It would place the ellipse in the center of the image, and set its larger radius to 300px, with a smaller radius of 225px. You could also make the ellipse filled, by passing true as the last parameter


As you’ve noticed from DrawerInterface::text(), there is also Font class. This class is a simple value object, representing the font. To construct a font, you have to pass the $file string (path to font file), $size value (integer value, representing size points) and $color (Imagine\Image\Palette\Color\ColorInterface instance). After you have a font instance, you can use one of its three methods to inspect any of the values it’s been constructed with:

  • ->getFile() - returns font file path
  • ->getSize() - returns integer size in points (e.g. 10pt = 10)
  • ->getColor() - returns Imagine\Image\Palette\Color\ColorInterface instance, representing current font color
  • ->box($string, $angle = 0) - returns Imagine\Image\BoxInterface instance, representing the estimated size of the $string at the given $angle on the image
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