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Handling exceptions

Imagine is good with exceptions, in fact, it will throw a lot of them for every possible thing that goes wrong. There are no methods that return false on failure, its all exception based.

Exception interface

Every exception class in Imagine implements Exception (Imagine\Exception\Exception) interface, making it possible to catch all Imagine exceptions without catching anything not Imagine specific.


try {
    $imagine = new Imagine\Gd\Imagine();

        ->thumbnail(new Imagine\Image\Box(50, 50))
} catch (Imagine\Exception\Exception $e) {
    // handle the exception

This is too generic however and might not work for everyone.

Exception classes

In Imagine, each exception class is extending one of the SPL exception classes, so even if you simply handle SPL exception, Imagine should fit right in. For example Imagine\Exception\InvalidArgumentException class extends InvalidArgumentException, letting you catch it as an SPL exception or by catching its instance specifically


This technique came from Zend Framework 2

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